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5 Ways Delis Can Be More Customer-Friendly

Friday, 27 June 2014 15:03 by dfederico

If you’re the owner of or even just an employee at a deli then there’s a good chance you’ve had a lot of interactions with customers. Let’s face it, no matter how good a deli is it is nothing without its loyal customers. This is why it is so important to work to ensure that your customers are always satisfied. There are many things that you as an employee or owner can do to ensure your deli offers excellent customer service. Here are 5 ways that delis can be more customer-friendly

1.      Offer pre-packaged sandwiches and foods. Your customers can be very busy people. Sometimes they want to have a gourmet sandwich or a bit of homemade potato salad, but they simply do not have time to order anything. Make sure you meet the needs of these busy customers by offering pre-packaged sandwiches and salads that your customers can grab-and-go with. Use eco-friendly sustainable deli food containers to keep sandwiches and lunch meat fresh and to allow for easy handling. Pre-packaged sandwiches and food are especially great if your deli is located by other businesses because workers can then stop in your deli to purchase a quick lunch.

 2.      Allow for custom orders. Your deli might have its own signature items as many delis do, in addition to the standard American and Italian hoagies. However, there’s always that one customer with the rather unique order. Rather than saying no to your customer’s request for an olive-loaf and liverwurst hoagie with ranch dressing (or whatever unusual request they make), be prepared for it! Try to have an ample variety of items and be willing to cater to your customer’s custom orders, regardless of how strange they may sound. Your customers will appreciate the effort and it will make them want to come back.

 3.      Be considerate of your customer’s dietary needs. How can your customers enjoy your food if there’s nothing available for them to eat based on their dietary needs? Consider common dietary needs and requests. Many customers may want low-sodium or fat-free lunch meat. Others may request gluten-free rolls or bread. You should also have a couple of items that are vegetarian or vegan-friendly. Make sure you inform your customers of all of your deli’s offerings and how you plan to meet their dietary needs. Also, tell your customers to make your employees aware of any food allergies they may have ahead of time so you can be sure to create food that is safe for them to eat. They will appreciate the gesture!

 4.      Offer specials and discounts. What better way is there to honor your customers than by offering special discounts and deals? E-mail your customers exclusive offers and offer loyalty programs. Many delis like to hand out cards and punch them every time a customer purchases a sandwich. When the card gets a certain amount of punches, they offer a free sandwich or another item. This helps to encourage your customers to keep coming back and purchasing more items. Customers love feeling like they are valued and offering rewards is the perfect way to thank them for their purchases.

5.      Listen to and acknowledge your customers. Customer feedback, whether positive or negative, is essential for the success of your deli. Delis love to highlight positive feedback and boast about their success. However, any negative feedback is just as important if not more so. Negative feedback allows your deli to identify any current or potential issues and to learn new ways to improve their service. Make sure to offer customer surveys and to give your customers a chance to offer their feedback. Always listen to your customer’s comments and consider ways that your deli can improve. It could be something as small as hiring more employees for quicker service or something bigger like launching a new sandwich type.  Either way your customers will notice when you listen to them and work to meet their needs.

When you follow these five tips you’ll be sure to have happy and loyal customers that love to come to your deli. Take the time to follow through with each step. It will be worth it in the long run when your happy customers help push your deli to success!