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What's to Come for the Restaurant Industry in 2014

Monday, 10 February 2014 09:16 by dfederico

Recent market research on the restaurant industry shed light on the incoming trends that will shape the restaurant industry in 2014. On the list is everything from innovative menu themes to the projected increase of spending from diners of older generations.  All points provide insight into what we can expect to see now that the economy is improving.

Which of these dining innovations do you expect to be most exciting? Which are you not looking forward to?

The Prices of Meat

In 2014, the prices on red meat are expected to rise, while poultry will likely be more inexpensive. It's probable that this is an indicator of what new menus will offer. Beef dishes will be more expensive and less plentiful throughout the menu, while the emphases will be placed on entrees featuring other meats.

Internet Incentives

It seems like dining incentives go through trends and phases: several years ago, it was easy to find paper coupons in weekly circulars, and that eventually transformed into value menus and combo offers. Now, with the prevalence of the internet and mobile devices, it'll be easier than ever to redeem loyalty rewards and coupons. Along with rotating offers that can be presented on a mobile device, there will also be more group deal sites and even customer loyalty programs for diners who order food from a mobile device.


Packaging Changes

The prospective ban of Styrofoam in take-out containers in New York City was an issue on the tongues of many Americans this past year.  It's not uncommon for other cities to follow suit when a major city institutes such a change, so many are anxious to see what might happen. Initiatives such as these will likely cause many companies to switch to more sustainable take-out containers.

Focus on Health


Novel menu themes are already becoming popular among independent restaurants in major cities, and it definitely draws a crowd. Pair novelty with healthy, and you've probably set the stage for new restaurants in 2014. Consumers are becoming more and more conscious of health as information about diet becomes more accessible, so it's a wise move for restaurants to make their menu diet-friendly. Gluten-free, vegan, and low-carb options will surely rise in popularity this year.