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Catering Containers

If you own a catering business you are most likely already aware of the various troubles that plague the industry of mass food production. While it can be difficult to maintain optimum efficiency, its not impossible! The key to successful catering is to prepare the food in advance, keep it fresh, transport it, and serve it. When it comes to transportation, Fold-Pak’s BIO-PAK catering boxes will meet each of your needs.

Due to the square and rectangular shapes, BIO-PAK containers can be stacked and boxed for easy transport. The BIO-PAK container is also the first paper food container that is leak and grease resistant and has a unique locking mechanism to ensure the food stays in place. They’re also great for a variety of uses, such as BIO-PAK #4 providing the perfect shape for both employee food packages and boxed lunches. If you cater weddings, BIO-PAK #1 in white or black is a great container for wedding cake to go for guests. Best of all, the BIO-PAK containers with a custom emblem or label look like a small gift for the wedding guests to take home.

Fold-Pak is dedicated to bringing our customers the best in food containment, while also maintaining a long list of sustainable food containers. For any food related business, Fold-Pak guarantees a solution.

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