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Carry-Out Containers for Fine Dining and Fast Casual

Restaurants continuously need to create and uphold their image as everything customers see, hear, and taste helps to create an unforgettable dining experience. Carryout containers go home with the customer and often serve as the customer's last impression of their dining experience. BIO-PAK food containers are used for leftovers and takeout in fine dining and fast casual restaurants. Consumers are never impressed by foam, plastic, or aluminum packaging. Customers view BIO-PAK food containers as leftovers in a gift box. BIO-PAK containers allow you to place your food in affordable, upscale packaging instead of the old institutional packaging. BIO-PAK #1, #3, and #8 are commonly used in fine dining and fast casual.

Since carry-out containers are a big part of the branding experience in the food industry, a company that uses BIO-PAK containers will not only have its name associated with upscale dining, but sustainability as well. They're more than just food boxes; they're a vehicle for making a name for the company.

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