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Fold-Pak Introduces Bio-Pak View and Bio-Plus View Food Containers

NORCROSS, GA    Fold-Pak, the manufacturer of Bio-Pak and Bio-Plus Earth food containers, is now offering their unique packaging with a window. The new packages will be marketed as Bio-Pak View and Bio-Plus View food containers. The packaging will initially be launched in the #3 size, which is a popular size for full entre applications. Size #4 and #8 will be added in the coming months and will accommodate other meal applications.

Bio-Pak View and Bio-Plus View food containers will be useful to foodservice operators and their customers in several ways. Whether used to merchandise prepared meals or to take home leftovers, customers will enjoy being able to easily identify the contents of the packaging without having to open the container or read a label.

Bio-Pak containers are well known in the foodservice market as high quality, sustainable packaging solutions that can be used for a variety of different carryout applications. The containers are leak resistant, stackable, and feature a unique locking system. They also effectively retain heat and vent steam to keep their contents fresh. Bio-Plus Earth containers were introduced utilizing the same design structure and are made with 100% recycled paper (average 35% post consumer content).

While the flaps on the Bio-Pak View and Bio-Plus View containers are slightly different to accommodate the windows, the packages will also maintain the freshness of their contents whether they are hot, cold, wet, or dry. The Bio-Plus View container will utilize the same recycled paperboard that is used on the Bio-Plus Earth package and is also endorsed by the Green Restaurant Association.  For additional information on these new products, click here.

About Fold-Pak:

Fold-Pak is the manufacturer of Fold-Pak, Fold-Pak Earth, Bio-Pak, Bio-Plus Earth, Bio-Plus Terra, and SmartServ food containers. The products are recyclable and 100% made in the U.S.A. The company has manufacturing facilities in Fresno, CA; Hazleton, PA; and Lebanon, TN.  Fold-Pak is owned by RockTenn, a leading North American producer of consumer and corrugated packaging and recycling solutions.


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