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Sustainable Paperboard Food Packaging

At Fold-Pak, our products have always been a favorite packaging choice for environmentally conscious restaurants because our containers are made from paperboard, which is a renewable natural resource. Our paperboard comes from responsibly managed forests. Our customers prefer our packaging to plastic, foam, and aluminum packaging that use natural resources that cannot be replenished.

Sustainable food packaging offers all the same versatility as other popular packaging materials, so our customers get all the benefits without having to compromise. Our products are perfect for transporting all types of food: hot, cold, wet, or dry.  Additionally, consumers enjoy giving their service to environmentally-conscious companies.

Sustainability Product Facts:

  • BIO-PLUS TERRA II: Made from 100% recycled paper ( 90% post-consumer). Utilizes a compostable interior lining, making the container fully compostable in a professional composting facility.
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